Goshen’s October “Teacher of the Month”

This morning we had the privilege of honoring a Goshen Community Schools teacher with Boys & Girls Club “Teacher of the Month” recognition. Mrs. Carrie Markham from West Goshen Elementary School was awarded with Teacher of the Month after being nominated by her student and club member, Rosie. Each month, members are given an option to nominate teachers by writing an essay explaining why they think their teacher is the best teacher, and why he/she should be recognized by Boys & Girls Club as the Teacher of the Month.  There were several nominations from members, but, Rosie’s nomination was selected unanimously by the BGC Goshen Education staff.

We scheduled a surprise visit by contacting Mrs. Lori Line, Principal at West Goshen Elementary and we recognized Mrs. Markham today for the difference she makes in the lives of the children in our community. Rosie read her nomination essay aloud in front of her teacher, classmates and principals and then awarded her teacher with a “Teacher of the Month” certificate. Also, thanks to The Electric Brew for sponsoring this initiative, we were able to give Mrs. Markham a gift certificate as a special thank you from the Club and our community.

Attached are pictures from the visit!